vision vase rectangular
vision vase rectangular


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Vision Vase Collection consists of 4 rectangular vases produced with thick sheets of clear glass perfectly joined together with special invisible glue, resulting in a seamless and elegant design.

Vision Vases are perfect for presenting flowers and greens with minimal effort, creating beautiful arrangements. Place several size vases in a group for festive occasions, or use one vase filled with favorite foliage or greens to brighten the environment.

13.75 H x 18 W x 2.5 D

Available in the following sizes:

12 H x 4 W x 2 D

6 H x 9 W x 1.5 D

3.5 H x 14 W X 5 D

Note: In order to manage the water weight do not fill the vases with water deeper than 10

Materials: glass

Requires: water depth must not exceed 10

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