taste-huile olive oil tester
taste-huile olive oil tester


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Taste-Huile is designed by Sicilian olive oil producer Lorenzo Piccione from Pianogrillo and Kӧbi Wiesendanger. It is by itself a lovely object. The small pitcher has an organic form, it holds 1.75oz of olive oil, and sits on a tray in form of a leaf.
Taste-Huile is used between place settings to elegantly serve olive oil for one or two people, and in the kitchen for the chef to taste the quality of the oil.
It is a perfect gift for a chef, host, or hostess.

Design: Lorenzo Piccione (di Pianogrillo) and Kӧbi Wiesendanger
Materials: mirror-polished stainless steel
Dimensions: 2.5"H I 3"D I 7"L / 1.75oz capacity
Includes: oil pitcher and tray

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