spike bowl 5 inch
spike bowl 5 inch


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Spike Bowls, are designed and hand-cast in America in frosted glass.

Spike refers to the little feet supporting the bowls ranging in size, the largest measures 10" in diameter, and the smallest 2".

Spike Bowls may be stacked or used individually at the table for snacks, nuts, and condiments. They may also be useful on a bedside table to hold jewelry etc. and they make a nice gift too!

Available in frosted onyx, frosted smoke, and frosted crystal, bronze, citrine,ice, peridot, sapphire, tanzanite,topaz, alabaster and jadeite

Design: U.S.A.

Materials: Hand-cast glass


10" x 3.5" h
8" x 3.0" h
6" x 2.5" h
5" x 2.0" h
4" x 1.5" h
3" x 1.25" h
2" x 1.0" h

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