pure tin bracelet
pure tin bracelet


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Pure Tin Bracelet Collection is made of pure pliable tin, presented flat, ready to be creatively folded and fitted to the wrist. After wearing the bracelet, it may again be easily flattened, ready to be folded in a new way for the next occasion.

Pure Tin Bracelet is reversible, on one side a Japanese paper design “Washi”, on the other, a design from watercolor paper that has been used in Italy for 700 years.

Enjoy, be creative, wear this elegant unique bracelet day and night.

A perfect and romantic gift! Available in 4 widths:

Materials: tin


width: 50mm / 2”

width: 40mm / 1.6”

width: 20mm / 0.78”

width: 10mm / 0.39”

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