monkey bluetooth speaker
monkey bluetooth speaker


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Monkey is a waterproof versatile Bluetooth speaker and radio. Monkey is designed by RSW Design, who thoughtfully equipped the speaker with a flexible snap band, allowing it to be hung or mounted almost anywhere: From a tree branch, a bicycle handlebar, or an armrest, or shower door.

Easy, portable and wireless, it is perfect for the beach or taken on hikes, the battery holds its charge for 5 hours, and may be recharged via (enclosed) USB cable.

The design of the Monkey is reminiscent of the elegant timeless product design by renowned German designer Dieter Rams.

Design: RSW Design / Germany

Materials: waterproof

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1.4

Requires: recharge time 3hrs.

Includes: FM radio / Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 600 mAh

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