finell pasta bowl
finell pasta bowl


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White Dinnerware, designed by Rebecca Finell, 2015, is modular with a thin profile produced with a mixture of porcelain and bone china, making it super strong. The pure white matte glaze feels soft to the touch and gives the set and elegant look.

A timeless dinnerware collection that works for both formal and casual dining. Each plate has a unique rim that holds its paired bowl securely in place. Made with a special porcelain/bone formula for strength, durability and a distinct look. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Design: Rebecca Finell / 2015 / U.S.A.

Materials: bone china and porcelain mixture

Dimensions: diameter 8.74" / height 1.7"

Includes: dishwasher / microwave safe

Sedar serving / modular / bowls fit into plates rim foe easy stacking and preventing sliding / rim frames food for elegant serving / super strong perfect for daily use.

Finell Porcelain Dinnerware from FINELL on Vimeo.

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