blockitecture - big city
blockitecture - big city


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Blockitecture Big City, by James Paulius, consists of 74 wooden pieces designed to create a sprawling city with parks, factories, buildings, and dwellings. The blocks are shaped to be nested in a creative manner, presenting different architectural periods like Art Deco and Brutalism, making for a really interesting cityscape.

The forms are inspired by, Habitat 67, a housing complex and pavilion designed in 1967 by Moshe Safdie for the World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada.

James Paulius, an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he designed Blockitechture for his Metaproject, an industry projects class under the guidance of industrial designer Josh Owen.

Design: James Paulius / USA

Materials: New Zealand Pine

Dimensions: box: 13.7” x 20.5” x 2”

Includes: 74 wooden pieces

Recommended for Ages 6 and up.

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