alessandro m corkscrew - (red) edition
alessandro m corkscrew - (red) edition


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Alessandro M (RED), by Alessandro Mendini, 2015, is a corkscrew with personality!

It is effective and easy to use. Place Alessandro M over the top of the bottle, and keep turning her head, to quickly de-cork.

The (RED) collection also includes Anna G Corkscrew and Cohndom Box, a portion of the revenue will benefit the fight against AIDS.

”Alessi is honoured to actively take part to in this new,

important collaboration with (RED). Our mission as a design

company is to create objects which try to satisfy people’s

hidden desire of for Art and Poetry. Creativity is, therefore, at

the base of our daily activity and we think that, at the same

time, it puts us in a privileged position which allows us to help

other people.”

Alessandro Mendini / 2015 / Italy

Material: thermoplastic resin / chrome-plated zamak / red

(PRODUCT)RED Special Edition.

Dimensions: ř 2.75” / h 9.75”

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