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Good design, the promise of industrial evolution, should be globally accessible, enhance quality of life, simplify everyday activity, and provide lasting value. Good design is attainable and sustainable through minimalism, a design aesthetic that clearly expresses function through form. arango is a design forum focusing on new materials and technologies in emerging concepts of minimalism.

arango has a unique place in the design history of Miami, and 2010 marks arango design store's 51st year as a design retailer, an astounding record of longevity.

Since its 1959 founding by Judith Arango (1928-2003) in downtown Miami, arango has been a pioneer in bringing affordable, contemporary good design to the public. Recognizing Miami's population growth and expansion, arango design store moved to its current location in Dadeland Mall in 1964. Judith Arango retired in 1994, selling the company to her long-time managers and current owners David and Marianne Russell.

Legendary in the industry for an uncompromising aesthetic vision, arango design store flourishes by selling clean, functional contemporary design for both home and office. We search the world to bring product design innovations to the USA marketplace, some of which are eventually included in permanent contemporary museum collections.

Beyond our retail enterprise, arango has been a catalyst for spirited design discussion, serving as a classroom for design students and the public alike, through in-house exhibitions, lectures, tours, and patronage of Arango Design Foundation. We seek to excite and nurture the next generation of designers by sponsoring workshops with DASH (Design and Architecture Senior High School) and FIU (Florida International University), including events focused on cutting-edge designers, materials, manufacturers, current design issues, and student project competitions.

A natural outgrowth of both, retail and educational activities, the arango design studio was created to serve as a research and design facility, responding to design issues presented by our retail clients, as well as industry professionals including, architects, interior designers, independent product designers, and manufacturers. Clients are able to consult with our knowledgeable staff to research both time-honored and new products that suit their needs.

True to our heritage, arango continues to view design in the broadest cultural context, acknowledging design to be universally significant at all scales of human experience - from the individual to the global community. We offer direct access to good design through arango design store / studio / web site.

Our goal is to empower people to enhance daily living through design-informed decisions.

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5864 sunset drive
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