teema - serving bowl - medium - black

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Teema Dinnerware, designed by the beloved Kaj Franck (1911-1989), is an undisputed classic found in museums worldwide.

Teema, originally designed in 1952 and produced under the name Kilta, the dinnerware was in 1975 launched as Teema (theme, eng.)

Every Teema piece is designed with practicality and functionality in mind (oven to table). The theme of the collection is familiar: shapes, squares, rectangles, circles, without excess, and produced in wonderful colors, through Kaj Franck’s purity of vision. His idea was that we should have fun playing with shapes and colors creating imaginative table settings.

Teema is available in white, blue, black, pearl grey, terracotta and turquoise.

Dinner Plate 10.25”
Salad Plate 8.5”
Bread & Butter Plate 6.75”
Square Plate 6.25”
Soup/ Cereal Bowl 5.75”
Pasta Bowl 8.5”
Teacup 4” / 7.25oz
Saucer 5.5”
Mug small 4.5” / 9.25oz
Mug large 4.75’ / 13.75oz
Teapot 10.5” / 1qt
Milk Jar 2.75’ / 6.75oz
Mini 3pc serving set 5” ea
Platter 13” x 9.75”
Platter 15” x 6.5”
Serving Bowl small 7.25” / 1.65qt
Serving Bowl flat 11.75’ / 3.25qt
Serving Bowl deep 9.25” / 3.5qt

Design: Kaj Franck / 1952 / 1975 / Finland

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teema - serving bowl - medium - white
price US$70.00

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