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Scoop, Stab and Spread Hors d’oeuvres Set, designed by Karl Zahn, 2012, is beautifully crafted in beech wood.
The set includes 6 sculptural pieces: two 7” curved Scoops, one perfect for serving nuts, the other with a slot for serving olives, pickled mushrooms, etc.
Two 5.5” long pieces, a fork and a pointed spear, Stab, for picking up slices of cheese, salami, shrimps and other delicious bits.
The last pieces in the set are two 7.75” serving spreaders, Spread, perfect for hard and soft cheeses, humus and condiments.
The hors d’oeuvres set may be used with a mirror polished Programma 8 tray for an elegant setting.
Have fun, have a party!

Design: Karl Zahn / 2012 / USA
Materials: Beech wood
Dimensions: Box 9” x 7” x 1.5”
Includes: Set of 6 pieces
Recommended: Wash by Hand

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