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Glass Teapot with Tea Egg, designed by Norm (DK) architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Kasper Rønn, 2011, is produced in a simple form inspired by Asian tea culture. The transparency of the Glass Teapot allows one the pleasure of seeing the color of the tea intensifying as it brews. Once the tea is ready for serving pull the tea egg’s silicone string and pour. Glass Teapot has a drip free spout and holds 1.5 L or 1 ½ quart.

Note: Pavina 8 oz glasses, designed in similar rounded form, make great accompanying tea glasses.

Design: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Kasper Rønn / 2011 / Denmark
Materials: Glass / Silicone / Plastic / Steel
Includes: Tea Egg
Note: Dishwasher Safe

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