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Bullet Space Pen, designed by Paul Fisher, 1948, is produced in brass with a matte black finish, with a special refill that allows you to write at any angle, even when weightless in space. Bullet Space Pen fits easily into pocket, wallet, purse, tool box, or glove compartment. It is a well balanced writing instrument and a pleasure to use. The pen is a timeless piece of industrial design featured in many museum collections around the world.

Design: Paul Fisher / 1948 / USA
Materials: Brass
Length: Open - 5.25" Closed - 3.75"
Style: Cap Slides On & Off
Finish: Matte Black
Length: Open - 5.25" Closed - 3.75"
Refill: Fisher Pressurized PR4 Black Ink Medium Point
Packaging: Moonscape Gift Box and an Astronaut Sleeve

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