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Aalto Vase Collection, designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, is undoubtedly the best-known design from Finland. In 1936 Alvar Aalto designed the vase for the Savoy Hotel in Helsinki, it won the Grand Prize at the World's Fair in Paris the following year. The vases have become some of the world's most famous glass objects, forever contemporary. Alvar Aalto encouraged creative usage of his vases and bowls. The vases make great containers for pens, kitchen utensils, q-tips, or cotton balls, and are spectacular with simple foliage or flowers the garden.

Aalto Vase, large, measuring 6.25 in height is available in 9 colors: clear, white, apple green, water green, light blue, turquoise, dark lilac, red and salmon.

Design: Alvar Aalto / 1936-1937 / Finland
Materials: Lead Free Crystal
Dimensions: Height: 6.25 / Width: 8 / Depth: 6.25

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